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Feel free to contact anyone in the team directly, depending on the area in which you want CHANGE for your nonprofit.


Yes. One of The Niles Partners team will meet with your leadership team to assess your current needs and discover possible solutions we are able to offer. We will prepare a Summary of Findings and present those findings to the designated team.

Yes, our fees are very competitive. Most of the time they are less than our competitors. As a boutique consulting company we are able to keep our overhead low and pass these savings to our clients.

Yes, we assess your needs, discuss the needs as seen by your leadership, and establish an ideal outcome. Only when we agree on these things do we move forward. Our training and development services are customized to help you meet your ideal outcome.

All of the Niles Partners team members have nonprofit experience and most come from the commercial consulting arena where best business practices are used in the most successful businesses. Best business practices are: techniques or methodologies that, through experience and research, have proven to achieve a desired result. We believe that running a business following best practices is the appropriate way to frame all of our work on your behalf.

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