Readiness and Capabilities Studies

Experience shows that 60% to 80% of internal projects fail. The reasons are many, yet the most common reason for failure is the lack of a grounded Readiness and Capability study that will measure your organization’s preparedness and ability to complete the proposed project.

Asking if the project under consideration is feasible and if the agency has the capability to deliver success requires skilled analysis, an understanding of the project, and the agency. All parties within the agency may be willing and think their departments are up to the task, however when examined closely by outside experts it often becomes apparent there are weaknesses which can seriously impact project completion. These weaknesses must be corrected prior to commencement in order for the project to be successful.

The ability of The Niles Partners to assist you and your organization in determining if a project is feasible and if the capability exists to deliver successfully is unparalleled. The Niles Partners has more than 100 years of management consulting in the nonprofit and commercial arenas. The Niles Partners know how to do it right. By providing an outside and unbiased examination of the project, The Niles Partners can offer an experienced go/no go on your proposed project, helping to insure success and avoid the waste of valuable resources. Partner with The Niles Partners and let us help determine the viability of your organization’s next major project.